Firearms & Parts for Sale / Tactical Advantage is a firearms dealer and can supply you with products from Remington, Bushmaster, Robinson Arms, Daniel Defense, HERA, UTAS, SIG Sauer, DPMS, Girsan, Uzkon, Armalite,  Eagle Arms, Sabbatti.

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Girsan Regard,  9mm Compact Pistol c/w 2 Magazines.

4.3 ” Barrel, Rail, Beretta 92 Clone so will take accessories.

Made in Turkey, like new.Less than 100 Rounds fired.




Okay Industries 5/30-Round Mags

for AR-15 New. c/w green “anti-tilt” followers. Okay Industries is a current US Military contractor, and is the subcontractor that manufactures all Colt-marked AR-15 magazines.

They also sell magazines under their own name, identical except for the floor plate stamping.

100% Quality Assurance – Each and every magazine is individually gauged to ensure that it conforms to spec.



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