AR15 Parts & Accessories

AR15  USGI Mil-Spec Magazine with a Gen-3 Follower and L E/Military Floor Plate. $24.95ea.

AR15 Lower Parts Kit- DPMS LRPK $98.00each

DPMS Stripped AR15 Lowers- New In Stock $160.00 each

AR15 Part Engraved Ejection Port Cover- Smiley Face Wait for the Flash $25.00
AR15 Part Engraved Ejection Port Cover- Don’t run , you’ll just die Tired $25.00
AR15 Part – New Hammer $25.00
AR15 Part – New Trigger     $19.00
AR15 Part – New Trigger Spring $7.50
AR15 Part – New Hammer Spring $ 7.500
AR15 Part – Flash Suppressor
AR15 Part – Buffer Assembly $90.00
AR15 Part – Action Spring Out of Stock
AR15 Part – Bolt Gas Rings (3 Pack)  $5.00

DPMS AR15 Firing Pin $16.00
DPMS AR15 Hammer and Trigger Springs ( 1 set) $10.00
DPMS A2 Pistol grip Black $12.00
AR15 M4 recoil Spring/ Chrome silicon $10.00

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